Of our 252 students that have taken the High School Equivalency Test through September 1, 2019 and communicated back to us - 219 have passed. We have over 35 students currently active in various stages of study.

Our Advisory Board

Ann Lentini, Domus Incorporated
Amber Danahey, City Of Westfield, Community Development
Peter Miller, City Of Westfield, Community Development

Kelly E. Pelkey, Westfield Community Education

Mark Styspeck, Westfield Community Education

Jane Toomey, Teacher, Westfield Community Education

Teresa Wilson, Teacher, Westfield Community Education
Ken White

Our Beginnings

Our Students' Testing Success Rate is 87%

In 2008, community members with then Westfield Mayor Michael Boulanger mobilized to create an alternative high school preparation program for the community. Domus Incorporated, a non-profit developer of affordable and supported community housing, spearheaded this grass roots community-wide initiative. Along with area legislators, local human service providers, Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS), The Westfield Athenaeum, and area colleges, an advisory board was formed.  "Westfield Community Education (WCE)" was established and classes and tutoring began immediately at the Westfield Athenaeum. WCE is substantially volunteer based.

"After passing the GED, I received a promotion from my boss." - B.C.